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  • Efficient time management
  • Improved time organization
  • Maintained engagement in your studies
  • Academic and social balance
  • Goal setting
  • Daily tasks planning
  • Achieve your athletic goals
  • One introductory coaching session

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Getting Paid


Everything in Bronze, plus:

  • Monitoring and accountability
  • Receive up to $50/month back!
    Each time you complete one of your tasks, we'll send you a payment. Complete all of your tasks for maximum savings.

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Everything in Getting Paid, plus:

  • One-on-one time with a personal coach

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The 'Getting Paid' Package

How it works:

The 'getting paid' package is designed to give you a small financial reward each time you finish a task. This incentive helps you to form consistent work habits, and to take full advantage of the Ucoach platform.

Users in the 'getting paid' package will receive up to $50 in rewards each month. This reward amount is divided between your assigned tasks for the month. So for each task you complete - you receive a small payment, and for each task you miss - you lose out on that reward amount. To receive the full $50 reward, you'll need to complete every task for that month.

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