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Why Ucoach.ca

Just under 50 of every 100 freshman that start University or College in Canada will not graduate from the program they enroll in (Finnie, Childs and Qiu, 2010). Ucoach.ca is your solution to the worry and fear of not getting through school. Have fun and graduate on time!

University is not just about the academics – Ucoach.ca will assist you through balancing your social life while getting amazing grades, having fun, and building an incredible career.  By using the tools of Ucoach.ca and being tracked by an Academic Coach you will achieve a successful University.

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Director & Lead Coach

Joshua Svec B.A. M.A. developed his passion to help people throughout his academic experiences. Being diagnosed with ADHD at an early....

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Ucoach.ca Helps Develop

  • Efficient time management
  • Improved time organization
  • Maintained engagement in your studies
  • Academic and social balance
  • Goal setting
  • Increase in confidence
  • Daily tasks planning
  • Monitoring and accountability

Helping Students and Student Athletes from:

Developed by Dr. Henry Svec Registered Psychologist and Joshua Svec B.A. M.A. Academic Coach.
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